Logbook Servicing


When buying a new vehicle you will be provided with a warranty, which protects you from certain unexpected expenses early in the vehicle’s life. To maintain this warranty, it’s expected of you to bring your vehicle to a reputable mechanic for regularly scheduled logbook servicing, to ensure your vehicle isn’t developing problems that might prove more costly down the line.

We can provide logbook servicing on all makes and models of petrol, diesel, LPG, electric and hybrid vehicles. You’ll drive away from our workshop with plenty of advance warning of developing mechanical issues, and the peace of mind that comes with an intact warranty.

Vehicle Inspections

Before re-registering your vehicle, it must first undergo an inspection to ensure that it’s still road-legal. This requires a RMS Approved Inspection Station to conduct an inspection of your vehicle and submit an E-Safety Check if your vehicle passes muster.

We can provide E-Safety Checks on all light vehicles, including LPG. We’ll give you a detailed report of any problems with your vehicle that prevent it from being deemed roadworthy, to help you fast track your vehicle’s registration.

Steering & Suspension

Problems with your vehicle’s handling and ride comfort can typically be traced back to issues in your vehicle’s suspension or steering, whether it’s a lack of responsiveness in the steering wheel or excessive body roll when going around corners. Issues with your steering can also affect the rate at which your tyres wear out.

We stock a range of replacement suspension parts to keep your vehicle riding smoothly, and also conduct repairs on your vehicle’s steering. We can also rebalance and realign your wheels and tyres to minimise tyre wear, and install lift kits and other 4WD upgrades.


Clutch & Transmission

Your vehicle’s gearbox is a piece of precision engineering, and any issue here can quickly get worse if not found and repaired early. If you’re having trouble staying in gear or changing gear, or if you experience strange noises and smells from underneath the vehicle while driving, these all likely stem from problems in your transmission unit.

We provide a range of transmission services, from clutch repairs and replacement parts to servicing for automatic and manual gearboxes.

Radiators & Cooling

Your engine requires a safe operating temperature to work at peak performance; an overheating vehicle can lead to a drop in fuel efficiency, performance, and cause corrosive buildup within your engine itself. If you suspect your vehicle’s overheating, the best thing to do is pull over immediately before it fails entirely and leaves you stranded, then ask us about a check of your vehicle’s cooling system.

We can repair or replace faulty radiator units, heater units, thermostats, head gaskets and more. We can also conduct checks and services, from pressure testing to coolant flushes, to ensure your cooling system is working as intended


Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

With how quickly the electrical systems in modern vehicles have developed over the past decade, it takes a committed auto electrician to keep pace with the latest in vehicle electronics, and provide the same level of expert workmanship across vehicles from all time periods.

At Better Brakes Australia we have the latest in diagnostic scan tools, helping us locate and repair electrical faults in your vehicle faster than many other workshops. We can also test and replace faulty batteries, alternators and starter motors; fit new stereo or lighting solutions for your vehicle; install a dual battery system or solar panel for extra power when you need it; and equip your vehicle with a range of other accessories to make motoring that much more pleasurable.

Other Services

We provide a range of other services out of our workshop, including:

  • supply and fitting of towbars
  • exhaust repairs and upgrades
  • a range of tyres for all makes and models of car, truck and 4×4
  • vehicle detailing
  • repairs for trailers and caravans
  • gift cards for the revhead in your life
  • and much more